• Collect customer interactions and transactions across channels and enterprise applications.


    Collect customer interactions and transactions across channels and enterprise applications.

  • Detect patterns indicative of a positive or negative customer journey, in real-time.


    Detect patterns indicative of a positive or negative customer journey, in real-time.

  • Track your customer's experience in real time.


    Engage with the customer, in the moment, with the right response tailored to the opportunity or threat.

The Business Value

CxEngage helps reduce revenue at risk by improving the customer experience.
Reduced Revenue At Risk
Research shows that one in three customers gave up, or bought the same product from a competitor, after a negative customer experience. This is the world of the smart and empowered consumer.
CxEngage reduces the cost of customer acquisition.
Reduced Cost of Customer Acquisition
Positive customer experiences create word-of-mouth referrals and are shown to be 2.5x more effective than traditional advertising.
CxEngage helps create brand advocates that will spend more money with your company.
Increased Share of Wallet
Leading analysts have reported that brand advocates spend 15% more than non-advocates, and are less likely to switch to a competitor.
CxEngage helps you proactively improve the net promoter score, instead of simply tracking it.
Increased Net Promoter Scores
A consistent experience ensures customers move from being satisfied to loyal, and then from loyal to being brand advocates.

Want some numbers to back this up? Have a look at our Customer Experience ROI Calculator, developed using independent 3rd-party research.

Industry Applications

CxEngage for telecommunications Customer Experience ManagementCommunications
Research shows that customer acquisition costs are six times higher than retention costs.

Customer loyalty is not only on the quality of customer service but also the quality of the network. Each call, download, or movie purchase is a customer journey, and its outcome, positive or negative influences continued loyalty.

CxEngage gives service providers real-time insights on each customer journey, and an opportunity to engage.
CxEngage for Retail Banking Customer Experience ManagementRetail Banking
Slow economies and low interest rates means banks are putting a greater emphasis on its retail banking customers.

The adoption of internet and mobile platforms have made interacting with their bank convenient for customers and has reduced in-branch transactions by an average of 5% annually.

As customers adopt self-service channels, CxEngage provides banks the ability to monitor each customer journey with same level of care as in-branch delivery.
CxEngage for Retail Shopping Customer Experience ManagementRetail Shopping
Shoppers now reach for their mobile device first and their wallet second when getting ready to buy. This trend, known as showrooming, often results in shoppers buying products online while standing in a physical store primarily for the price advantage, usually 10%, online retailers enjoy.

CxEngage allows brick & mortar retailers to provide a personalized and rich in-store experience, leveraging the insights from previous online experiences.
CxEngage for travel and hospitality Customer Experience ManagementTravel and Hospitality
Travel and hospitality providers are challenged in meeting the needs and high expectations of the connected traveler.

Continued turbulence in the travel industry where providers must continually balance need to optimize costs and optimize yields while enhancing the customer experience.

CxEngage gives providers the ability to offer a frictionless traveler experience, and when required to proactively engage in an economical way.

CxEngage Features

Collector Service
We designed the CxEngage interface in a very RESTful way so that consumption is simple, straightforward, and secure. This standards-based approach allows CxEngage to connect with any application or system that supports a REST API, and allows your IT team to connect these systems quickly and easily.
Augment Service
Events may not contain all of the required information to match a pattern. For example, it’s possible that the customer segment could be missing in the event information collected from the mobile application. The Augment Service retrieves this missing information and adds it to the event.
Watch Service
Is responsible for matching customer journeys to your patterns from the events collected. Designed with enterprise toughness for high performance, scalability, and redundancy, the CxEngage Watch Service operates exclusively in memory removing the latency & expense often found in other ‘big-data’ solutions.
Configuration Service
Business users create and manage patterns, and define engagement strategies. Technical users are provided a single interface to configure services, monitor the platform, and add additional nodes when more processing capacity is required. An HTML5 application makes CxEngage accessible on virtually any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.
Notification Service
Once a pattern is matched, the Notification Service initiates a request to engage with the customer, an internal employee or to make a log. It can make a request to any existing enterprise systems including call centers, email, CRM systems, and others.
Reporting Service
CxWatch is the real-time dashboard providing users with a view of events, patterns and actions taken. All events collected that lead to an action are recorded for complete historical reporting.